I born at Sep. 23th 1983, so when I wrote this I was 25 years Old. My full name is René Mauricio Mayorga Portillo, known by some people as rmayorga and by others as churro

My hometown is Aguilares, which is a small city located at the north of San Salvador.

I live only my early years there(Aguilares), Since a long time ago I'm living and working at San Salvador, the capital city from El Salvador.

I began to get interesting about computers when I was about 10 years, mostly playing and learning.

that early interest became later in a way of life, since now my job is related to computers and similar as earlier I still enjoy expending my free time with computers.

I only use Debian GNU/Linux at this moment.

I've being using Debian since 2001-2002, before that as any GNU/Linux user I spend some time testing every distribution that get close to my hands.

I am involved with the local Debian user group, debian-sv and with the local Linux user group linux-sv.

At this moment I work as a SysAdmin in a mid-size ISP, so my main work is based with Debian GNU/Linux servers en some other (ugly) things, like Solaris, AIX, Cisco, and so ...

I'm not a programmer or at least I don't consider myself as one, but I like to write some smalls programs mostly in Perl and POSIX shell, also I can manage myself a bit on C and C++.

I'm a Debian Developer, my main work there is maintaining a couple of packages.

If you are more interested on my profesional life, you can have a look at my résumé, or you can contact me

If you dislike or find any spell error, bad grammar, etc please feel free to tell me, I would not be feel bad if you point any errors here :)